Mayan Temple

Before you start this guide I highly recommend to open all the scene examples, this will give you an idea of what this package offers and you will familiarize with all the assets that are included as well as how to combine them to make your level look always different.

First thing you need to do is to set up correctly your Snap Settings. To do so go to Edit -> Snap Settings inside Unity. Make sure you set up your snap as follows:

Everything in this art package is working with Grid Snap. You dont need to use Vertex Snap or anything like that. The only thing you need to take care of is to never be off the grid rules so check always your asset is within those rules. Also, have in mind that the smallest size in this art package is 4m. The smallest corridor asset is a 4x4m (height is ALWAYS 4m). That means your asset transform position (Position and Rotation) MUST be always divisible by 4 and should be an integer.

Inside Assets\Environment\Cubemap you can find the level cubemap called "corridor" that you can use as your environemnt reflection source. If you use PBR materials (default package ones) be sure you include this cubemap as your primary reflection light if you want a prefect light match in your levels. To do so just open Lighting (Window Menu --> Lighting) and select Custom Reflection Surce.

Inside Assets\Corrdior_Assets you can find almost everything to create all this package offers. Explore it to have an idea what are all the possibilities and follow this guide to know how to use them.

To correctly use any asset, just drag it to your scene view and once is there, manually place it to the 0,0,0 grid position. Once there you only have to hold the CONTROL key (Grid Snap) while you move it to its final position.

Stairs concatenation example

Door_01 / Jail_Door

Two doors to use in 4m corridors.

Light_Column / Light_Wall

Inside Assets\Environment\Vegetation you can find several assets to decorate your levels. There are two versions, a 2 sided one (very expensive one) and a single sided one (more suitable to place it in walls where you will only see on side of the asset)

in Assets\Environment\Prefabs\Action_Assets you can find usefull assets to create gameplay such as floor buttons, hiden wall buttons and doors openers.

Inside Assets\Environment\Prefabs you can find the most common game environment prefabs that can be done with the assets in Assets\Environment\Corridors_Assets. Take a look at them as its a great way to see how smaller assets can be used to create more organic and more appeal scenerios. Some of them are: